Andrew Feyer, known by most as just the last name and solo moniker Feyer (pronounced FAY-er), is a singer, songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with diverse musical experience spanning many genres and styles. Feyer constructs his unique sound by combining personal, yet theatrical lyrics, with a classically influenced melodic and instrumental style, coupled with electronic-rock production. Key components of Feyer’s style are the fusion of retro and futuristic sounds and the incorporation of visual elements into the mix, drawing great influence from nostalgic cartoons, movies, video games, and animation loops.

Born in New York City and raised in the surrounding suburbs, Feyer began piano lessons and composing instrumental pieces at a young age. Several years after the initial lessons, Feyer had taken up drums and was singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. During his time as a student, Feyer became an instrumentalist in various rock bands, performing frequently at talent shows and band showcases. Simultaneously, he began recording and producing in his bedroom, beginning to shape his own style.

Feyer relocated upstate and attended Bard College for music composition and production. He also studied orchestration, vocal and instrumental performance, multimedia scoring, and musical acoustics/engineering. He studied with many composers and professional musicians and performed as a choir vocalist at international venues under the direction of renowned musical directors. In his final years at college, Feyer solidified his interests and skills in songwriting and production and graduated with a fully produced album ready for release.

In early 2017, Feyer released his debut album, Signals Internalized. The music was described as energetic, exciting, thought-provoking and risk-taking by a number of online publications such as Music Connection, Impose and Pure Grain Audio. Spawned from the album are several music videos, in collaboration with numerous emerging filmmakers, visual artists, an animators. Now based back in NYC, Feyer has showcased this music at many of the city’s well-known venues such as Mercury Lounge, Bowery Electric, Knitting Factory, and Brooklyn Bazaar.

When he is not working on his own music, Feyer can be found involving himself with other projects with a number of different artists and bands all across the music world. These include recording, producing, and remixing other artists, co-writing with other songwriters and producers, and composing and sound designing for films, shows, video games, commercials, and audiobooks.

Feyer’s new singles, “Stuck in a Video Game” and “Parties!” are now out on all platforms, in partnership with Kobalt’s AWAL. Check them out and stay tuned for more exciting Feyer news to come!