Feyer (the last name of Andrew Feyer, since that’s what everyone calls him anyway) is a singer/songwriter/composer/producer and multi-instrumentalist with diverse musical experience spanning many genres and styles. Feyer constructs his unique sound combining personal lyrics with his classically influenced melodic and instrumental style, and Electronic/Rock production.

Born in New York City and raised in the surrounding suburbs, Feyer learned how to play the piano at the young age of 6 and began composing instrumental pieces. By age 11, Feyer had taken up drums and was singing, playing guitar, and writing songs. While in high school, Feyer became an instrumentalist in various rock bands, performing frequently at talent shows and band showcases. Simultaneously, he began recording and producing in his bedroom, beginning to shape his own style and studying film composition.

Feyer relocated upstate and attended Bard College for composition, music production, orchestration, vocal and instrumental studies, multimedia scoring and musical acoustics/engineering. There, he studied with renowned composers and professional musicians such Joan Tower, James Bagwell and Bob Bielecki, and performed as a choir vocalist at legendary international venues under the baton of renowned musical directors.

Today, Feyer’s primary influences include classic greats such as Queen, David Bowie and Pink Floyd, as well as modern alternative artists Passion Pit, Grimes and Coldplay.

Feyer is now based back in New York, where he has showcased his music at the city’s famous underground music venues, including Arlene’s Grocery, Knitting Factory, The Bitter End and Pianos. He has also been featured in Impose Magazine, AXS, Vents Magazine and GroundSounds.

Feyer’s debut full-length album, Signals Internalized, is now out on all download and streaming platforms. Check it out and stay tuned for more exciting Feyer news to come!



More sad tour news: caught some nasty cold/flu thing and unfortunately do not feel well enough to perform tonight at @darksiderecordspk . I never realized how draining a tour could be. This is the third show of tour we've needed to cancel, but I gotta do what my body is telling me to do, and that is to rest and get healthy. I apologize to everyone who was planning to come. Sorry to the venue, to my incredible band mates @percusswords and @sarahwithanh154, and to the other bands. However, those who were planning on attending should still go to the show to catch Meltman, Donkng and The Stoop Kids. We have Sunday-Tuesday off, and then we're playing a short set at @seasidetavernct on Wednesday evening. /=|=#summersignalstour2017